Project CARS 2 Deluxe Edition 2017 by xatab

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    Project CARS 2: Deluxe Edition (2017) PC 27.95 GB| RePack by xatab
    Year of release: 2017
    Genre: Racing,Simulator,3D
    Developer: Slightly Mad Studios
    Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
    Publication Type: RePack
    Platform: PC
    Language: English, MULTi12 System
    language: English
    Medicine: vshito (CODEX)

    Take the most from traveling to the world of motorsport! Project CARS 2 Deluxe Edition - this is the full version of the game,
    "Season pass" and all bonus content (cars, tracks, competitions and colors). Project Cars 2 from Slightly Mad Studios
    (guys fully justify their name) is a game about how well you know your car and the coverage on which it rushes. About how
    much of your statistics are affected by several degrees of convergence of the wheels and an extra bar of pressure in the
    tires. Yes, in the garage and on training races you can sit for days, but on the slopes the chair under the player still starts to
    melt gradually. The third turn of the snow-covered Nurburgring will lead anyone to a white heat: it is almost impossible to
    increase the controllability of the car, and it's not just how deep you figured out the settings, that your style of riding is just
    too different from the professional. Yes, and the laws of physics in their own ... But more on this later. Project Cars - the
    exact opposite of a nice arcade "race", in which you can relax after a hard day. This game is more like a deeply thought
    out and cruel attraction, created by some autofanatics for others of the same.

    ▪ 180+ cars
    ▪ Full support for 12K and VR resolution
    ▪ Tested by professionals
    ▪ Novelties and old pets
    ▪ LiveTrack 3.0: dynamic physics of roads and weather
    ▪ Trails with uneven coverage
    ▪ Real weather
    • The latest physics model
    • Updated control on the gamepad
    • First- eSports

    Features repack:
    "Do not cut / no recoded
    " Game archives are not opened
    "Game Version: 1.1.0
    " the DLC:
    Project CARS 2 - Season Pass
    Project CARS 2 - Season Pass Bonus
    Project CARS 2 - Japanese Pack
    »Installation time 10 minutes on the HDD (Depends on the computer)
    » Repack from xatab

    System requirements :
    ☑OS: Windows 10 (+ specific versions of 7)
    ☑Processor: 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5 3450, 4.0 GHz AMD FX-8350
    ☑Memory: 4 GB RAM
    ☑ Video : GTX680 or equivalent
    ☑ Disk space : 46.2 GB



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